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About Us

The Alumni Organization

Stillwater Pioneer Alumni -- renew your ties and preserve your memories with the Stillwater/C.E. Donart High School Alumni Association and Museum. The Alumni Association reconnects you with classmates and assists with class reunions. The Alumni Museum preserves the documents, photos and memorabilia which capture the Pioneer Experience.

Our alumni group was established in 1992.  We strive to include all graduates and classmates who attended the high school in Stillwater, including the C.E. Donart High School years --- which was the school’s official name between 1960 and 1982. The scope of our Alumni Museum encompasses the earliest graduates of 1901 through the upcoming graduating class of 2011 and beyond. We also sponsor projects through the Stillwater Public Schools to support and encourage future Pioneer Alumni. We invite all alumni, classmates, parents, and friends to join us.  Find more information by clicking on Members link. 

Stillwater/C.E. Donart High

The first Senior Class graduated from Stillwater High School in 1901. The earliest students of Stillwater High School attended classes in the Alcott Building constructed in 1896 at Ninth and Duck Street. The Horace Mann School was built 1910 at the same location to accommodate expanding enrollments. The Stillwater High School or South High was built in 1918 at Twelfth and Duck Street. South High is considered by many to be the first real high school. The building has since been renovated and is part of the Stillwater Public Library. In the early 1940’s Stillwater High moved to the North High location at Ninth and Duck Street. This is the building that many refer to as the “Old High School”. It is now the Stillwater Community Center and location of the Stillwater/C.E. Donart Alumni Association and Museum.

By 1960 Stillwater High had a new location and a new name with the construction and dedication of the campus on North Main and Husband Street. Stillwater High School was renamed for Mr. C.E. Donart --- honoring his fifty years of service as the clerk of the Stillwater Board of Education and his efforts to build the new high school. The school returned to the original name of Stillwater High School by 1982. Recent additions to the high school at the North Main and Husband location include the Performing Arts Center and Pioneer Stadium.


Purpose of the Stillwater/C.E. Donart Alumni Association, Museum and Foundation

The Association promotes Alumni activities by providing information and assistance for organizing Alumni events and Class Reunions. The Alumni Association and Museum also act as a resource for anyone associated with or interested in Stillwater/C.E. Donart High School including alumni, former classmates, faculty, and relatives. 

The Museum collects, preserves, and displays photographs, records, documents, and memorabilia from the high school for the education and enjoyment of everyone. The Museum is dedicated to maintaining our collection as a lasting tribute and future memorial to Stillwater/C.E. Donart High School.

The Foundation was established to provide funds for the operation and expansion of the Museum.  To acquire, preserve, and display our Museum collection requires substantial contributions. All donations to the Museum and Foundation are tax-deductible under I.R.S. 501c3 non-profit status.  Purchases from the Alumni Store also benefit the Museum.


Stillwater/C.E. Donart Alumni  Board of Directors

Pat Bolton Jackson,  Co-President

Ed Lawson,   Co-President

Dorothy Gelder Carmain,  Vice-President

Carletta Ramsey Caldwell, Secretary-Treasurer

R.V. Sturgeon                                                                                 Gerald Bradshaw

Winfrey Houston                                                                           Bob Sloan

Carol Cobb Hiner                                                                           Everett Caldwell

Vickie Sturgeon                                                                              Carol Helt Hix    

 Michelle Slovak

The Stillwater/C.E. Donart High School Alumni Association meets the second Monday of every month at 11 am. The meeting takes place at the Association offices in the Stillwater Community Center at 315 W. Eighth Avenue.



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